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China's Nightmare, America's Dream: India as the next Global Power
by William H. Avery

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Flipkart and worldwide outside South Asia on Amazon Kindle.

From the Introduction...

This is India’s moment. Like the United States a century ago and China thirty years ago, it is clear
that India is on the verge of achieving great power status. But the world will not grant India that role
simply because of its size and economic potential; India has to reach out and grab it. The problem,
however, is that India has not yet demonstrated the will to do so.

This book is about what India needs to do in the coming decades become a great power. It tells
the story of where India has come from (great wealth over much of the last two millennia), how far it
has declined (hitting rock bottom in 1991), where it is today (still an emerging power, but full of
natural advantages), and what it must do now to reclaim its rightful place in the world (convert
those advantages into raw power).